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"Winterfest" without snow
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"Winterfest" without snow

It's December 1st already!  Crazy day in Talkeetna, the bachelor auction and ball.  The Wilderness Women's Contest, a bazaar and winterfest in full swing.  Where has the fall gone and when did winter start?  I wanted to let everyone know that I have the phone's forwarded to the house so you can call our business numbers and get us directly.  

Thank you so much for all the orders people have been placing.  It seems like all those business cards that we handed out over the summer is working.  The pictures we carry at the gallery are all available throughout the year.  So if you need a special present for someone this Christmas it is a great time to order.

Just to let any local know, I will be doing a four day show above the bank and trooper station Dec 14-17th.  It will be with all my Beadberry Patch merchandise and beautiful jewelry.  Hope you can stop in and take a peak and get some of your holiday gifts off your list.  

I'm going to put a few of Todd Salat's new releases on the website.  He has this new one called Floating AK, with northern lights.  It is a winner!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!  Be blessed, I know I sure am.
Lots of love and warm wishes,
Beth Valentine